Sunday, November 9, 2008


It is estimated that 75 percent of Japanese women own vibrators.

The global average is only 47 percent

Perhaps this may be due to the influence of electronics in their society... it is also believed that the next generation of japanese vibrators.."comes" with a robot !

The maximum depth at which vaginal stimulation occurs is only 2"

This makes it all the more funny, when women complain about being shagged, sorry that is when they complain that they have a headache when asked for sex !

A female orgasm is a powerfull painkiller [because of the release of endorfines], so headaches are in fact a bad excuse not to have sex... Women must be educated on this aspect !

It is believed that one in three men, cheats on his partner, as opposed to one in four women. However it is sad that only 28% of female cheaters get caught, while you don't want to know the male side... it may make you cry !

By the way... a "cyber-sex-lay-about-and-neer-do-well" is a person who reads sex trivia pages on the Internet...

So thanks for asking to comment on this subject........

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